Land Development & Entitlements

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Land Development & Entitlements

This is a service area where our team’s focus on collaboration contributes significantly to the project’s success. Whether a small parcel or a major community development project, our integrated team of planners, civil engineers, landscape architects, and technical staff have the experience to help landowners and developers clearly understand the marketplace opportunities, as well as the regulatory and environmental challenges confronting a specific project.

We assist you in reaching the highest economic potential for the land. After data analysis of various factors, we recommend the best approach to development, redevelopment, or retrofit of the property. Next, we assist in site selection, permitting, zoning change request, public information dissemination, and marketing support. Finally, we create an innovative, yet cost-effective, solution that ensures your satisfaction and project success. From surveying and site plans to transportation strategies and stormwater management, the Genesis team is with you every step of the way.

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